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Welcome to MathMaverick!
Books   Original math-related puzzle books created by John L. Lehet
    Available on and Kindle
Apps   Original math-related android apps created by John L. Lehet
    Available at Amazon App Store and Google Play
Puzzles   Original math-related puzzles created by John L. Lehet
    Both on-line interactive and pdf downloads available
Blog   MathMaverick Puzzle Blog
    - New Posts weekly including math-related puzzles, games, contests and articles
SAT Math   SAT Math - Prepare for SAT Math!
  - Daily SAT Math Problems (with Problem Archive), Overview Guides and more!
MathMaverick Tutor
  - Practice Problems and Tutorials emphasizing Perfect Practice
  - Subjects include Algebra, Arithmetic, Fractions and Modern Mathematics
MathMaverick Tangrams   Original Books, Puzzles, Challenges and Videos
  - Free classroom resources both interactive and printable
  - Original book A Sage's Journey - The Story of Tangrams by John L. Lehet

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