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  Follow the sage on his tangram adventures across the widest of deserts, longest of rivers and highest of mountains. A children's book about the origin of tangrams. Illustrated with tangrams puzzles. Second edition includes 16 tangram challenges consisting of various tangram puzzles that will challenge the best tangrammers! Great for children and improving spatial perception.
  Original animated and instructional tangram videos. Learn how to make a rectangle, square and about mathmatical relationships. Follow the sage on his tangram adventures in A Sage's Journey, the animated story. Finally meet the Tangram Gang and follow their tangram adventures. Fun and instructive!
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Tangram Challenges Tangram Puzzles
Tangram Puzzles
50 Tangram puzzles that use two or more pieces
A great introduction to tangrams
18 Tangram puzzles with all pieces outlined
Great for beginner tangrammers!
20 challenging 7-piece Tangram puzzles
Great challenge for any tangrammer!
Videos and
  All Tangram Videos and Downloads in a classroom safe environment. Great for teatchers and classrooms!

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